The Three Step Approach to Healing



Elimination is a powerful experience that will release all the shame we are holding and give us tools to not pick up new bouts of shame along the way. We start strengthening our "loving parent/voice" in us to free ourselves from what is holding us back from living happy and full.

In the Elimination stage, we learn our whole story and find the areas of shame we picked up from authority figures in our life (parents, teachers, coaches, siblings, bullies, media, etc). We identify our shame in our "critical voice" part of us that puts us down, makes us feel small, tells us we're not good enough, and bashes our soul. We then step in to do powerful exercises to release the shame from our life. 

In this stage, we learn to quiet the "critical voice" and replace it with a "loving voice." This is done by the previous shame work, but also by guided activities that awaken our love for ourself and by practicing gentleness in our daily life.

When this stage is completed, we feel lighter in our bodies and better about ourself. We have let go of our parts that weigh us down. We may be more in-touch with our emotions, but may be easily triggered if we do not continue to the Navigation stage. 



Navigation dives in deep into our psyche to learn all about our different parts such as our angry parts, sad parts, victim parts, inner child parts, parent parts and more. We will become reintegrated with our true self and become who we were born to be.

In the Navigation Stage, we learn all the parts of us that interact in our life and we learn how to navigate them with our observer self. We get to know our key parts and the purpose they fulfill and employ actual solutions to the parts that may not be benefitting us in our adult life. Have you ever felt too anxious, easily angered, overly detailed, perfectionistic, or have difficulty moderating or balancing behaviors or substances in your life? This stage helps us navigate all those parts to bring a sense of balance that happens naturally.

When this stage is completed, we feel deeply connected and loving to ourself. There is no part of us that we dislike. We understand our strengths and weaknesses and move around in life with a high level of emotional regulation. We can feel our feelings but are not overwhelmed by them. To complete the process, we continue to the Integration Stage.


Integration is the last stage that puts the first two stages together and works through any other limiting behaviors or blocks we may be holding onto. We also learn to jump in and have tremendous fun and joy in our life.

In the Integration stage, we learn to integrate what we've learned into our daily life. We have more opportunities to release any shame and practice being loving to ourself. There's also many things that can come up that require flexibility in the approach to change. These things are usually minor tweaks we need to make in our life to make the change. Since we have the foundation from the first two stages, we find change to be a much easier thing that we sometimes enjoy. 


In this stage, Kevin tailors his work to your specific situation but has previously helped clients be receptive to the love of others, practice the art of play, takes big steps of vulnerability and risk, deepen in boundaries, understand the way of peaceful communication and more.

This stage helps tie everything together. 

When this stage is completed, you will feel like a completely different person who now has the tools to move forward in their life. You will feel freer and lighter in your body, deeply connected and loving to yourself, emotionally regulated, and completely empowered to take charge of your life.

Continued Integration

Clients may choose to stop, continue the work, or take a break and later continue the work because of the changes they experienced from these 3-steps. Many experience a difference in their life and want to continue the shift. Many believe in the notion "the work is never done." We always have more layers of the onion to work through! Elimination and Navigation laid the foundation for the work. We can continue by repeating the integration stage as new work is revealed.

Continued integration helps keeps our screws on tight so we can work to our fullest potential. It also gives us a partner to walk through the difficult times together. 

Continuing is always an option but is never necessary. You are always welcome back. 

What is included?

This 12 week program includes:


Weekly Coaching Sessions

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Access to Online Workshops


Mind-Shifting Activites


Educational Worksheets


Email and Phone support


"When you let go of your shame nothing will hold you back"

- Kevin Colbert

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"When we learn to navigate our internal parts we begin to take control of our life"

- Kevin Colbert

I never knew how shame-filled I was until I got my history straight. I found out why I felt stuck and did the work to get out! Thank you!!!
— Mariah
My sweet heart is so grateful for this process. I can’t believe the person I am. I thought I loved myself. I didn’t, but Kevin helped me learn how. So much gratitude.
— Gina
Kevin is such a kind hearted soul. He would always catch my negative self-talk and help me find the words to reparent myself.
— Bryanna
Kevin helped open my eyes and learn to navigate my world. I had a lot of trouble with my anger towards others and myself. Since learning to reparent myself it has been easier to handle. I understand why I get so angry and what to do with it.
— Daniel

This 12 week program is truly a “journey.” You will come out feeling like a much different person. You will find yourself deeply connected to your yourself and your inner child, reparenting yourself with love, feeling a deeper amount of space and freedom within your body, and using the tools to continue the work on your own. 

Kevin's sessions take place in person at Portland, OR or via Skype or telephone. Kevin's mission is to help to you reach for your dreams and to remove any blocks that interfere. Set up a complimentary session with Kevin today to move forward in living your truth.