Are You Codependent?

  1. Have you ever tried to control family matters?

  2. Are you afraid of abandonment?

  3. Do you judge yourself without mercy?

  4. Do you have difficulty with intimate relationships?

  5. Do you constantly seek approval of others?

  6. Do you lie when it’s just as easy to tell the truth?

  7. Do you have difficulty following a job through from beginning to end?

  8. Do you take yourself very seriously?

  9. Do you have difficulty having fun?

  10. Do you feel different from other people?

  11. Are you super-responsible and/or super-irresponsible?

  12. Do you find yourself extremely loyal, even when the loyalty is undeserved?

  13. Do you find you say “yes” when you mean “NO”?

  14. Do you have compulsions (Spending, sex, gambling, eat workaholism, addiction, etc.)?

  15. Have you had stress-related illness?

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