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Friends Who Skate Together Stay Together

Do you remember the good old days of roller skating? Well, we're bringing them back! 


Join us for a night of nostalgic fun at Oaks Park skate rink. It will be exactly as you remember- the smells, the lights, the food. 

Come on your own or bring your people (kids are welcome, too).
Either way, we are excited to mingle (while on roller skates...)! 

There will be a DJ. Admission is $8.00 and skate rental is $2.00.
We will meet by the lockers at 8:15pm wearing White Ts and any colorful accessory (wig, glasses, scarf, etc. hats are not allowed while skating). We'll wait until 8:30pm to start skating- then you'll see us on the rink.
Call or text Alysa at 786-719-3642 if you're having trouble finding the group.


We can't wait to see you! Please RSVP below:

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On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you to get back on roller skates?