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Remembering Our Wild Woman Within

Join us for an epic Wise Woman journey into Mother Earth’s cycles, energies, and portals. Learn how to live in harmony with nature, enhancing your own self-care and casting potent magick.

About The Wise Woman Tradition: The word witch comes from the old English word “witan” meaning “to know” or “to be wise”. A witch/wise woman is an ally and lover of the Earth who works with the cycles of nature, someone who reclaims the ancient practices of the lineage of women who came before her. She takes us back to the matriarch tradition and helps others come into full expression of their power through ecology and feminism. To the Wise Woman, it is important to take away the negative stigma of the word witch, to raise our voices and be seen as empowered women and healers.

In this workshop, we will cast a circle, perform rituals for each direction, and re-member ourselves as part of the Earth’s wholeness and holiness.

We will meet on Friday, April 26th from 6pm-9pm in SE Portland. Please register at to receive our address.

Our workshop leader Pia de la LLata is a Green Witch and holistic healer specializing in herbalism and nutrition.

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