Grief & Loss Group


Grief & Loss Group


Address and process the grief that arises during times of emotional, physical, spiritual, and/or relational loss. In community, we will take the necessary steps to work through our grief so that we can continue to live life to our fullest capacity.

3738 SE Milwaukie Ave.
Please email to join.

Pay for Group

Grief is a part of life. It happens when we are in relationships, when we get older, when we leave jobs, and any time that we have expended energy into something to make meaning. Our lives often leave little time or instruction in handling and processing our grief. Learning to process and deal with it with community and professionals help people move through it more supported and gracefully.

When we work through our grief, we honor that person or experience. It is important to allow yourself space to grieve.

In this group you will be:

  • Supported by others who are working on their grief.

  • Practicing tools to manage and process grief in daily life.

  • Expressing and honor the fullness of your experience.

  • Working through secondary emotions such as angry that may arise in response to grief.

  • Practicing boundaries and self-care tools.

  • Using your bodies and voices to process and move big emotions out of your system.

  • Sharing your story

  • Giving and receiving insightful feedback

  • Building yourself up in community

  • and more.

Group is $20 per session. Payments can be made via cash, venmo, paypal, or website.


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