Grateful for Growth

Recently, I made a really good mistake. I used a photo of an altar that Day Schildkret of Morning Altars created and his agent, Shoshanna, asked me to take it down. She was very nice about it, but of course, my heart immediately sank and I felt ashamed after reading her message. Since seeing Day create an altar live at East Forest’s concert, I had fallen in love with his work. I deeply respect him. But as a newbie to marketing and creating social media content for HomeWellness, I made a rookie mistake and got a huge blessing in return: an invitation to help Day lead a workshop in PDX.

So, here I am, learning moment to moment that sometimes- it is worth it to mess up. Really worth it. And I’m comfortable being transparent about that, no matter what it brings.

I can’t avoid making mistakes, but I can keep learning. I can own what’s mine, apologize, repair, integrate the lesson, and do better. I can evolve. And then all is happening as it should.

All is happening as it should.

I’m not taking any shortcuts

I’m not skipping any chapters.

I’m walking on the path

As I see it

In front of me.

I’m using my best

Guiding light

So that when you come to me

And ask for my story

It will be whole

And I will be free.

Imperfectly yours,