Happy Spring Equinox

Hi everyone,

As today has been especially nice and sunny, it may have dawned on you, it's Spring Equinox! That means the sun is lining up with the equator, giving us equal hours of night and day (12 each) and marking the first day of this new season.

The March Equinox is special and symbolic, it represents space for light and dark to finally be together, both within us and in the world. Think balance, dialectics, oneness + wholeness. Even though we may perceive light and dark as being separate, they really only exist in relation to each other and together make up our complete lives. When we embrace this idea of wholeness or oneness, we are able to feel the connectedness of everything that goes on (the good & the bad). Whatever has come your way this Winter, it's a part of nature and embracing it will lead to growth and evolution.

So, it's time for our energy to start shifting with the seasons from an internal state to an external state. If you've noticed already in Portland, people are coming out of their winter nests and exploring. If you are wanting to be more intentional, this is the perfect time to plant new seeds--start new projects, take action, and put yourself out there. It is also a great time to take ownership and responsibility of your life and begin releasing things that may be blocking you from getting where you want to be (oof, I know, me too). Try out this ritual to create protection and a clear, creative mindset throughout the season. 

Ritual for the Spring Equinox:

  1. Gather a bunch of your fave flowers, a candle, a crystal, pen and paper.
  2. Find a good place to perform your ritual, inside or out.
  3. Hold your crystal & do a brief meditation to help clear your mind and calm your thoughts (try breathing deeply in and out 5 times).
  4. Write down what you want to manifest or create.
  5. Arrange your flowers into a circle leaving one off to the side.
  6. Place the candle and paper inside the circle. Keep holding the crystal.
  7. Say your manifestation aloud three times, then light the candle.
  8. Take in the energy of your sacred circle. Take a few deep breaths and observe.
  9. When you feel ready, release your intention out into the Universe by picking up your set aside flower and throwing it up into the air. As you throw your flower, feel your intention being lifted up into the Universe.
  10. Leave your candle burning & keep your flowers in your home.

Let us know how it goes in the comments below.

Here's to a joyful Spring!



This post was adapted from Forever Conscious, check them out!