This past weekend I had the PRIVILEGE and honor of attending Wellspring, a wellness conference and training held by Wanderlust in Palm Springs, CA. There were countless beautiful leaders who presented and taught us in ways that totally blew me away.

Within the many life-changing lessons I learned and the overwhelming tears I shed was this golden, threaded feeling of resonance.

Of course, it was Elena Brower who gave us that word in her last yoga class while she seamlessly connected our bodies, minds, and hearts to humanity.

Fast forward to this morning back in Portland, I’m sitting in a work presentation while planning my own yoga class to teach at Love Hive tonight (yes, I believe this was well-chosen multi-tasking). I’m carefully recycling Elena’s teachings on resonance, centering around similar asanas (poses) and narrowing in on how we can choose to resonate with our own thoughts and feelings or not and I stop and decide to research the word.

Here is what I gathered.

The quality of being deep, full, and reverberating.
A big vibration.
A creation of natural excitement.
Occurs when there is one vibration that is met by another vibration and the two enhance each other and find balance and stability.
*NOTE: The vibrational forces may begin as unequal, with one greater than the other, but through their interaction and connection they will bring each other into harmony, they will become equal.

I am floored. To me, this is the entire point of yoga or of any spiritual practice. Resonance. Our minds, hearts, and bodies synchronizing. Yoking. Working with each other. Our energies, essences, souls, vibrations connecting with the collective consciousness, energy, vibration of the world and the universe and God, if you will. Our darkness existing alongside our lightness. Yin and Yang. Sthira (strength) and Sukham (ease). And nothing is better or worse. It’s all at the same level.

Through resonance we have space. Through resonance we access community. Through resonance we get to each ‘other’ so we are no longer ‘others,’ just us. Through joining forces we bring one another into a state of equality and togetherness. We belong.

Wow. Will you sit with this and let me know your thoughts?

I love you!

And thank you, Elena.