She decided...

Hi everyone,

Today I am passing on an invitation from Chris Maddox of the Wild Woman Project to respond to the statement “She decided…” If you identify with another gender please feel free to take part too and adjust the language to fit.

Put the words out in front of you and let yourself go. Write it all down first and then edit if you need to. I found it to be really lovely when I did just that. Feel free to comment below with what you write or to send it to me personally. You can also read the original offering by Chris and add your words to this beautiful collection here.

This is my response:

She decided to write it down.
She decided it was worth looking at.
She decided that everything she felt made sense.
She decided to forgo the limiting opinions of others.
She decided to forgo the limiting opinions of herself.
She decided to shed all that was rigid.
She decided to be free.
She decided to stop cleaning the effing house.
She decided to look for fun.
She decided she could let her hair down whenever she wanted to.
She decided to stop “rising above” insufficient love.
She decided that she deserved what she desired.
She decided to place her hand on her heart.
She decided that this was the most important thing she would ever do.

With love,