So Act.

Starting something new in the midst of something old.

Sometimes we run into situations which split our energy.  

This new thing is exciting, passionate, revitalizing.

This old thing is practicality, insurance, stability.  

Don't be afraid to jump for this new thing,

but make sure you have two strong feet to land on-

Or don't.

If we don't jump we cannot fly.

If we don't stand we cannot walk or run.

Don't sit back in comfort watching anothers' dream prosper.

You have your own dream. 

Chase it.

It is yours and only yours to grab.  

Manifest is the verb of my choosing.

I've sat back.

I've waited.

Nothing's changed.  

I moved nowhere except in time.

Now I act.

I move.

I do my best to flow with the current.

We don't have to fear ourselves.

We don't have to over analyze, calculate, or play it safe.

We just need to use our wise mind.

We use our head. 

We use our heart.

We trust that when the time is right we'll know.

And then we'll act.

So go.

Kevin Colbert