Song of the Builders

I hate to say this to you. It won't feel good, but it's the truth.
No one is going to do the things that you need to do. If it's your responsibility, it's your responsibility. Wishing it away and thinking about who else could do it will inevitably lead back to you.

I know this by now, yet still, it's tough. I have to take care of my car, I have to walk my dog, I have to pay my student loans, I have to speak up if I don't like something, I have to find and make work that suits me, and...ultimately, I have to take full ownership of my happiness in life.
If any of the tasks I find myself in charge of are "terrible, horrible, no good, or very bad," it is my mood that will be dampened by my mindset. So, I choose to remember all of the things I "get to have" because of the things I "have to do." Like- the experience of being in love with my dog, of completing my Masters degree in NYC, and of being in relationships with other imperfect people. I practice accepting my tasks with grace and an eye towards mastery. Feeling stronger and more confident as I learn what I need to do and get it done. Remembering- I can pass on helpful information to others who will find themselves needing to do the same things and having questions. I can also shamelessly report what I've accomplished and ask the loving people in my life to tell me it's the most amazing thing they've heard all day.

What do you need to get done that has been lingering around, making tons of appearances on your to-do list and creating cobwebs? It is okay to avoid. It is okay not to finish things you need to do in favor of what you want to do. It is okay to have fun. It is also okay to get honest. To be really clear with yourself about what needs to happen and why you need to do it. What it feels like to keep carrying on with all that clutter. What it will feel like to step up.

I hope you have help, I hope you get out of things you don't want to do, and- I hope you do your work with great acceptance and knowing- that it's all par for our course.


With love,

On a summer morning
I sat down
on a hillside
to think about God –

a worthy pastime.
Near me, I saw
a single cricket;
it was moving the grains of the hillside

this way and that way.
How great was its energy,
how h.png