Meeting Your Inner Child: An Intuitive Journey Within

Welcome Home. Here you will find all the available resources for the workshop. This video is the meat of the workshop and follows a downloadable handout. There is also a google group to ask questions, describe your experience, and to process your experience with this workshop. You do not have to do the workshop all in one sitting, but I do recommend you do the meditation in one sitting. Also, when doing the meditation, please use headphones and find a place you most likely won't be disturbed. 

This workshop may be emotional for you. You may find and touch in on a lot of joy and happiness or you might feel some of the pain and hurt you felt as a child. Whatever you experience it is okay and it was meant for you to experience. Please be gentle with yourself and don't be afraid to message me at if you need anything.

Download your packet.

I encourage you to use the google group. Your participation helps you to process and have a deeper learning experience but it also helps others to do the same. It is a valuable resource that you can continue to use. If you did not receive an email to the google group, please contact me.

Also, if you wish to do this work at a deeper level and see some big changes, check out my profile and learn about my coaching. We learn to eliminate our "toxic shame" and critical parents parts, learn to navigate our parts and build that inner child and loving parent connection, and integrate everything into our daily life and sweep up any other issues that might need a little tweaking. This is the process that changed my life and the life of countless others. If you want a shift, let's talk!

Lastly, thank you so much for being part of the journey with me. This work is so important and I have seen it affect and change so many people's lives for the better. I hope you continue to investigate your different parts and learn to practice communicating between your parts especially your inner child and loving parent part. I hope you know how awesome you are for doing this type of work. 

Lot's of love,

Kevin Colbert