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“The Trauma Healer”

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Let’s get ready to make the changes in your life so that you can be your truly authentic self. I’m guessing you’re here because you have experienced some hardships. We all experience grief, loss, pain, hurt, and traumatic events that seemed to have really left its mark on us. If we can accept it, we can change it. That is what I am going to help you do.


My Story:
I lived a life of complex trauma.

As a child I was expected to be the emotional provider, the adult, the stable and available one. And if I couldn’t live up to those roles there were real consequences.

As I grew older this led me down a hole of mental health challenges and addiction. I felt utterly stuck, encompassed with shame, immobile, and hopeless. I tried everything I could to find a solution. Nothing changed but new faces that offered me false promises that a certain type of therapy, coaching, or energy healing is what would heal me.

With my last ounce of hope I immersed myself in a 2-month intensive for codependency, addiction, and trauma treatment. This place was different and their approach was unconventional but in a grounded “holy shit that was powerful” kind of way.

When I left I continued what I learned. I joined community, spoke my truth, practiced letting go of control and asking for help, told my story again and again, moved my body, and did everything I could to live a life that was loving to myself. I practiced gentleness everyday for a year.

I changed and consequently the world around me changed. Sometimes slowly, sometimes way too quickly.

Fast forward years later I am happier and more supported than ever. With more experience, trainings, and expertise, I have refined the techniques that have gotten me this far. I’ve practiced them with others and seen them work again and again.

My goal is to share them with you.
I guarantee something will help you along the way so that you can become the best you.

There’s all types of things we experience that influence our relationships, life, and happiness. There are real powerful things we can do to overcome them and become our empowered self.


Why I Love My Clients?

They are absolutely the best!

Kevin helps you make big changes you are seeking in yourself and your life. If you experience unworthiness, social and/or general anxiety, difficulty going out, difficulty connecting with others, exhausted in your relationships and/or life, overall lack of interest in your life, or just a sense that nothing has changed; Kevin is the person you need.
— Carly
He gets it!
— Matt
Kevin was the one person who continued to show up for me time and time again.
Thank you!
— Debra K
Kevin helped open my eyes and learn to navigate my world. I had a lot of trouble with my anger towards others and myself. Since learning to reparent myself it has been easier to handle. I understand why I get so angry and what to do with it.
— Sage
I have so much gratitude for the work you do. I don’t know where I would be with out you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much.
— Mariah
Kevin is such a kind hearted soul. He would always catch my negative self-talk and help me find the words to reparent myself.
— Bryanna
Thank you for being apart of my journey and bringing so much love and healing from thousands of miles away.
— Hannah

You can change your life today!

Let’s Do It Together

How are we doing? Do we need a water break?

Let’s get to the point. I’m offering you the chance to try a new approach to work, manage, and heal your past and trauma by creating long-lasting change. Are you ready to do this?

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$100 per hour session (Sliding Scale Available)


People come to me because they want to move on from their past and trauma and create a life that brings them ultimate fulfillment. They come to me to feel better about their self and increase their ability to show up authentically without messages of perfectionism and worthiness showing up. I help people erase the shame and fear that truly hold them back to create a life full of purpose and connection.


I use many different types of techniques in my process work. Art and Sand Tray techniques open up subconscious feelings, beliefs and perceptions about one’s past, present, and future environments. Role-playing and Experiential and Movement Processing releases intense emotions stored in our bodies and simulate a setting to practice conquering fears and boundaries. Parts Work help connect individuals with their true authentic self, navigate their internal states smoothly, and feel deeply repressed emotions and memories. Somatic processing helps individuals build a deeper awareness about how their body experiences emotions. This helps individuals stay connected with their self and body while experiencing emotional triggers. Narrative processing helps individuals understand the impact of their story and draw meaning from their life experiences as a means to their purpose and understanding of the world. Mindfulness, meditation, and breath practices help individuals learn tools to ground and stay connected to themselves.


Expected Results

Greater sense of confidence and self

More fulfillment and enjoyment from life

Deeper understanding of ones true-self and identities

Deeper connection to others and ability to give and receive love and intimacy

Greater ability to set and respect boundaries at work, in relationships, and with oneself.

Tools to problem solve and stay ahead of your mental health game

Increased ability to not be affected by other’s behaviors and states of being

Increased ability to create healthy habits

Increased ability to respond rather than react

Increased sense of self-love, self-worth, self-knowledge, and self-assurance

Emotional growth and stability

And more…


My Biggest Passion

Mind-Body Connection

What makes my work unique is my use of emotion and body based practices as the cornerstone of my approach.

The research shows there is a deep connection between our mind, emotions, and body. When individuals experience intense emotions, that energy becomes stored within the body. When we connect our emotion with voice and movement, we find that release of our emotions and stories that hold us back from making the changes we so desperately need. Ultimately, we release our mind and body from bondage and practice the work of embodying strength, courage, vulnerability, and connection.


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