Intuitive counseling & tarot sessions

"The most powerful sources of information come from within."                                                                -Unknown

There are certain situations that call for seeing beyond our thoughts and feelings. Sensing into what our intuition knows but we haven't yet put words to. Working with Tarot is a way to connect with our Highest Selves. Tarot cards help to uncover deep inner wisdom and make heartfelt decisions.
I have been practicing Tarot for several years and have personally transformed since asking important questions and interpreting the cards to reveal true feelings. I have been totally blown away by how reading tarot for other people cuts straight to the heart of their matters.
I am not a mind-reader or channeler. I am a counselor who blends tarot readings with therapeutic guidance, providing bold reflections and simplifying how to integrate them into your life. I love and use The Wild Unknown deck, made by PDX local Kim Krans and enjoy working on-on-one and in groups.

Personal well-being sessions

"You don't need to feel your worst to ask for help being your best."                                                              -Alysa Romano

While working in the mental health field, I have noticed that many people don't come into counseling until things have gotten really bad. This makes healing more difficult, adds to stigma, and keeps a model of reaction in place when we need prevention. It is not your fault, it's the result of ineffective healthcare in our society. It is your work to find means of taking care.

If you are feeling tired, uninspired, disconnected or just not yourself, it is a good time to consider a well-being session. If you had a recent heartbreak, are having trouble meeting a romantic partner or making friends, feel uncomfortable in your own skin, or are not finding that your life resembles your ideals, let's meet.

Individual & couples counseling

"Our wounds are often the openings into the most beautiful parts of us. "                                                      -David Richo

I have seen amazingly broken down people make astonishing recoveries in my years as a counselor. It is what keeps me in this work. I will do the dance with you even if you've done it before and don't believe you have rhythm. All I need is for you to try out the moves with me.

I am formally trained in DBT, CBT, Exposure Therapy & Mindfulness. Counseling sessions are for anyone experiencing significant and reoccurring issues. My approach is to help clients get out of emotional and mental ruts to decrease suffering and use healthier strategies to rebuild their lives. People with anxiety, OCD, depression, eating disorders, or trauma would benefit from this service.